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  1. Published on: 25/11/2019 08:17 AMReported by: roving-eye
    Travel advice for Manchester United fans travelling to Nur-Sultan for the Astana FC vs Manchester United FC UEFA Europe League group match on Thursday 28 November 2019.

    Travel advice for Manchester United fans travelling to Nur-Sultan for the Astana FC vs Manchester United FC match on Thursday 28 November 2019.

    • Date: Thursday 28 November 2019
    • Venue: Astana Arena, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
    • Kick-off time: 9:50 pm (local time. Nur-Sultan is GMT+6)

    As well as this advice, check out our travel advice for Kazakhstan.
    Passports and visas

    • you can travel to Kazakhstan without a visa, provided your stay does not exceed 30 days (the day you arrive counts as day 1, regardless of arrival time)
    • your passport should be valid for your proposed duration of stay
    • take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance even if you’re only staying for one night - it could save you a lot of money if you get into difficulty. Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will not be valid in Kazakhstan
    • if you’re arriving by air, you do not need to register with local authorities. You will receive a white immigration card stamped by Kazakh Immigration, which you will need to keep and present on departure
    • if you enter the country by land (eg by train or car), check your immigration card. If you have only one stamp on it, you should register within 5 days of arrival at the Immigration Police. Hotels may provide this service for guests, but if you’re staying in an apartment or private residence you will have to register yourself. Two stamps on the immigration card mean you have been registered on arrival

    Getting to/from the airport

    By taxi

    • it takes around 15-20 minutes to get from the airport to the stadium and about 30-40 minutes to the city centre
    • there are various taxis available in Nur-Sultan including private hire, app-based and metered cabs
    • it is best to ask and negotiate a price before getting in the car. A journey from the airport to the stadium will cost you about 2,000-2,500 Tenge (KZT) and to the city centre around 2,500-3,000 KZT. Standard price for trips within the city is 700-1,500 KZT depending on the distance
    • foreign visitors might be severely over-charged by local private taxis
    • Taxovichkof (call 15800, or use their mobile app) will charge a starting price of 500 KZT and calculate the total price depending on the distance. If you use their mobile app you will get a 10% discount. English version is available
    • the majority of taxis will only accept cash in Kazakh Tenge (KZT). If you are using licensed taxis and they have a mobile application you may be able to use your card details to pay via the app
    • licensed taxis should have a clear taxi branding on it and they are allowed to use the bus lane
    • check that the taxi has working seatbelts
    • taxi drivers may not have change, so try to have notes of lower value

    By bus

    Nur-Sultan buses (N10, N12 and Express N100) run from 06.00 to 22.00 from/to the airport every 5-20 minutes. Details on routes can be found on the Astana LRT website. If paying cash, a single bus ticket costs 180 KZT, or 250 KZT if using the faster express bus, which has a red line on it. Alternatively, an AstraPlat card can be purchased for 400 KZT from a number of terminals around the city. When this card is used, a single bus ticket will cost 90 KZT, or 180 KZT on the express bus.
    Getting to the stadium: Astana Arena

    Astana Arena is located towards the south-west of Nur-Sultan in between Turan Avenue and Kabanbay Batyr Avenue. Kabanbay Batyr is the road that runs from the city centre to the international airport (12 km from the airport).
    Astana Arena
    48, Turan Avenue


    For a journey from the city centre of Nur-Sultan to the stadium expect to pay around 800-1300 Tenge (KZT) in an app-based taxi or 1,000-1,500 KZT for a private taxi. Taxis are a convenient route to the stadium, although the traffic can be very busy at peak times so allow plenty of time. On match day official taxis and public buses will have priority for access to the stadium. If driving yourself, it may be difficult to find a parking space.
    Try to arrive at least 40 minutes before the game.

    Bus numbers that stop at Astana Arena are 10, 12, 37, 51, 53, 60. If using cash, a single bus ticket costs 180 KZT, or 250 KZT for the express bus (which has a red line on it). Buses can be overcrowded during peak times, when the waiting time could be around 10-20 minutes depending on the route. The bus stop is on Kabanbay Batyr Avenue.
    At the match

    Where fans should enter the stadium

    Tickets in sectors S1 and S2 will be available for Manchester United supporters via the Manchester United official website. If you live in Kazakhstan, you can buy tickets from the ticket offices at the Astana Arena or online on Tiketon website.

    Entry procedures

    Access to the stadium can be slow. The entrance to S1 and S2 will be from Southern gates. Staff at the gate will scan your printed ticket – make sure you have it ready. When entering the stadium you will be searched by police and stadium security. Make sure you do not have prohibited items with you. To avoid last minute delays get to the stadium early.
    The gate will be open 2 hours before kick-off.

    In addition to items which would usually be prohibited in the UK, the following items will also be prohibited from being brought into the stadium: flares, fireworks, food, alcohol, e-cigarettes, cans, glass, plastic bottles or containers, lighters, sharp objects, drones, inflammable materials, lasers, dangerous items, bags larger than 40x40x45cm. If you do bring any of these items, security will confiscate them and they will not be returned to you after the game.
    Prohibited behaviour at the stadium: offensive chants, standing on the seats, standing in the passages or stairs obstructing the way or view for other fans, selling or advertising without prior permission. If you violate the stadium rules, you will be removed from the stadium. In some cases you may be charged an administrative fine or the police may be involved.
    Alcohol and smoking

    Alcoholic drinks and smoking, including electronic cigarettes, are not allowed in the stadium. You will be liable to pay a fine for smoking in public places.
    Local information

    Climate and time

    The average temperature at the end of November is around -15/-17ºC during the day and can drop down to -20/-22ºC at night with wind chill. You can find information about weather in Nur-Sultan at BBC weather website.
    The area around the stadium can be icy. Be careful walking, especially when going up or down the stairs.
    Nur-Sultan is 6 hours ahead of the UK.

    Kazakhstan is a bilingual country (Kazakh and Russian languages). English is not widely spoken, however staff at the airport, hotels and some of the restaurants can speak English.

    • crime levels in Nur-Sultan are generally low
    • you should be vigilant for pick pockets in crowded places, public transport and near ATMs
    • take sensible precautions: avoid carrying large sums of money and try to avoid walking alone at night

    Personal security

    • look after your personal belongings, in particular your passport and your money
    • carry a photocopy of the personal details pages of your passport and keep it in a safe place separate from your passport

    Disabled travellers

    • there are designated rows for wheelchair users in SW sector with accessible entry
    • stewards will help disabled fans at the stadium
    • the rest of Nur-Sultan has limited facilities for disabled travellers – not all pavements have a ramp

    Road safety

    • pedestrians should be vigilant at all times
    • do not cross the roads in undesignated places
    • when using a taxi make sure it has working seatbelts; many cars are poorly maintained and the standard of driving is erratic
    • accidents are common, mainly due to poor driving and weather conditions
    • if you’re in a vehicle that’s travelling at an unsafe speed you should instruct the driver to slow down


    • most of the population of Kazakhstan is Muslim, though religion is usually considered a private matter
    • respect local traditions, customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure they do not offend other cultures or religious beliefs


    • the international dialling code for Kazakhstan is +7
    • before travelling check with your mobile phone provider that it will work in Kazakhstan
    • local sim cards are easily available with Beeline, Aktiv and Tele2 being the leading mobile operators
    • under Kazakh law, all SIM cards must be properly registered. You will need to show your passport for this
    • you can top up any local mobile number online, at the Operator’s offices, or via payment stations around the city


    • all goods and services are paid in the local currency, Tenge (KZT)
    • pounds, US dollars and Euros are easily exchanged to local currency at Exchange points around the city
    • 1 GBP is approximately 500 KZT. The latest exchange rate can be checked online on the Oanda website
    • most of the hotels, supermarkets and restaurants accept credit and debit cards
    • ATMs in Nur-Sultan will almost always accept UK credit and debit cards; before leaving the UK, let your card issuer know you’re travelling to Kazakhstan

    Consular assistance

    If there is a genuine emergency during your visit to Nur-Sultan (e.g. one involving accident, injury or loss/theft of your passport) call the British Embassy on +7 7172 556 200 and follow the instructions to be put through to a consular officer.
    Lost or stolen passports

    If your passport is lost or stolen, you cannot travel back to the UK without a valid travel document. You will need to apply to the Consular Section of the British Embassy Nur-Sultan for an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) and pay the fee of £100. In some cases, an exit visa will be required to leave the country on an ETD.
    Lost or stolen credit/debit cards

    If you lose your wallet or purse, try to cancel your credit/debit cards as soon as possible. British consular officials cannot give you money to help you return home. You can transfer money from the UK using commercial money transfer agencies in Nur-Sultan (Western Union, MoneyGram). You can also use most major credit and debit cards to obtain money from ATMs.
    For more information, visit the British Embassy Nur-Sultan website.
    Contact the British Embassy Nur-Sultan

    Our address is:
    62, Kosmonavtov Street

    Tel: +7 7172 556200 (including out of hours assistance)
    You can also reach us via our contact form.
    The consular section of the British Embassy in Nur-Sultan is open to the public from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday and from 9am to 4pm on Friday.
    You can also check our travel advice for Kazakhstan.
    Emergency services numbers

    • Fire - 101
    • Police - 102
    • Ambulance – 103
    • Emergency and rescue service - 112

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